Monday, January 4, 2010

Couple More Banshees

It had been almost a month since I had picked up a brush, which was too bad. I had those older third edition models half done. With the craziness of the holidays aside I had a quiet weekend. Also I wanted to be able to participate in this so I decided to gain some small triumph over my slacker nature. The triumph was indeed small, but perhaps it will gain in momentum.

I have been playing my Eldar a lot more than my Tau of late, and even landing a couple of wins here and there. I don't like one better than the other, they are both different. What I am enjoying about the Eldar is being able to participate in the Assault phase more than just jet-packing.

The down side of the Eldar has been two Landraiders, which Travis plays pretty regularly. I have been having a tough go getting them opened. I have a few of the tools, but going from railguns and piranhas with melta to bright lances and monstrous creatures is a big switch. Also the list I have been using does not include fire dragons. I will persevere to keep it as thus, as I already have a few squads of the aspects warriors I like, and am trying to adhere to the Ulthwe theme.

All in all I have been having a lot of fun playing, and painting hasn't been like driving nails in my knees. Here are some pics of the minimum banshee squad I finished. I don't run them like this, I have actually been running a full squad, but it was enough to meet the criteria for the local challenge.
From Stuff I Have Painted

From Stuff I Have Painted

From Stuff I Have Painted

Also, while I was playing my last game my good friend Mike swung by and asked me to post the list I was using. I am nothing if not obliging:

HQ: Eldrad, Avatar

Elite: Striking scorpions x7 with exarch (scorpions claw, Shadowstrike), howling banshees x9 with exarch (executioner, Acrobatics)riding in a wave serpent (tl shuriken cannons, star engines).

Troops: Guardian defenders x10 with warlock (Conceal) and star cannon, guardian defenders x10 with warlock (Conceal) and brightlance, storm guardians x11 with warlock (Enhance)riding in a wave serpent (tl shuriken cannons, star engines).

Fast Attack; Vypers x2 (starcannons, shuriken cannons).

Heavy Support: Dark reapers x3, wraithlord (two flamers, eldar missile launcher, and bright lance), and warwalkers x3 (two scatter lasers)

In total it is like 22 points short of 2k.

Thanks for reading,