Monday, July 12, 2010


I hadn't finished a model in quite some time. In an attempt to just be ready for Astro I have been blocking color in on Tau and moving on. I really felt a strong painting urge this weekend and I was riding high from a pretty good showing with a borrowed Cryx list at a local tournament.

With all that in mind, I borrowed the Forces of Cryx book from a friend and decided to paint a Skarlock using the painting guide in the back. Here is how he turned out.:
From Stuff I Have Painted

From Stuff I Have Painted

From Stuff I Have Painted

This model was deceptive to me. It is far more involved than I thought and I found myself being delighted that they are only FA 1. I was a little rusty as far as detail work, OK a lot rusty, and I needed to remember my own cardinal rule of thin paints (doh!).

I am not happy with the necrotic glue, a bummer because of how prominently it plays into this mini. I haven't used inks on anything other than metallics in so long that I forgot how to work with them. We will "get it" going forward through some trial and error I am sure. In retrospect I probably should have brought the skin up a little more, as the black runes, make it look pretty dark still. Live and learn.

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  1. Did you use the "Dead Flesh" recipe in the back of the Cryx book for the Skarlock's skin?

  2. @ Jake
    I did. Though I added some parchment like colors (I think Sulfurous Yellow and Rucksack Tan) to make the skin look a little more ancient.