Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Name Apropos

That guy looks pretty cool huh? A lot of people may have actually never seen one. Like Bigfoot, you have heard of them, even seen blurry photos, or artists renditions. (See Above.) But you have never actually seen a Tau Etheral in a 40k game. And despite my recent efforts to prove otherwise, there is probably a good reason for that.

I have stated a couple of times I am kind of an internet contrarian. (But wait! I am on the internet! Does that I mean I have to think contrary to everything I say? Oh noes!) So if the Internets tell me something sucks, like the Etheral, I can't get him into a list fast enough. In the case of the Etheral, I am starting to think like the internet.

The guy with the maracas of the future there has hit the table three times for me in pick up games. In all three games he has died because, when my opponent finds out that killing him has the chance of running my stuff of the board, they tend to get an evil grin as they start calling out new fire coordinates. The Ethereal has a rule that makes it so that as long as your Tau (So no bugs, kroot, or drones.) guys can see him they can reroll morale tests, but if he dies all Tau units on the board have to make a morale test at the beginning of their next turn. Your stuff that sticks around gains USR Preferred Enemy. In every game my Ethereal has made at least two squads run, though he has granted Preferred Enemy to what is left. Very helpful, what with all the assaulting my Tau do.

I am gonna give him a few more games. A lot of my units have low Ld because I don't pay for the squad upgrades, so I hypothesize that the reroll can be helpful. But the Etherial is officially "On Notice". Thus far the benefit of the Etheral has been just that. My consternation at this guy only grows when I think that he may be laying the groundwork, wherein a bridge can be built between myself and the internets. With that bridge will come contact, and commerece would increase. Followed closely by treaties, understanding, and eventual acceptence....

The next game I think I will bury him a big unit of fire warriors and see what I can see, though that would require me to run a "big" unit of fire warriors. Shit just got real.

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