Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ghost Warrior Test, Thanks So Much David Woods!

First and foremost, if you don't follow David Wood's blog, you need to. It is seriously my favorite Painter's Blog out there. It is just an awesome collection of beautifully executed futuristic soldiers and armor. I love that his collection is across multiple model lines and scales. It is an awesome repository of sci-fi soldier goodness, and I would love to see his collection assembled.

On top of that, he is seemingly pretty friggin' cool. I sent him an email out of the blue asking about his amazingly painted gray armor, and not only did he send me his color recipe, but his technique as well. Unfortunately for me, David paints with Vallejo Model Color, and no where close to me had it, so I had to do what I could with GW paints. It should also be noted that these guys are not an attempt to duplicate David's work because frankly, I can't, but instead my attempt to honor a painter that has been a huge inspiration to me.

I picked up the Ghost Warriors box set and data slate, as I mentioned earlier. I wanted to differentiate the models in the data slate from my Alaitoc because of the abilities of the data slate. For those who don't know, a cover save provided by the models in dataslate is 4+, and Eldar units within 6" have hatred. Because these abilities are based off models, I wanted the models in the data slate to be obvious. Especially, because I plan to run the data slate with an army of other wraiths, led by a Wraithseer (Well and spirit seer because I have too).

So that all got me here, taking a break from blue to work on some wraiths. I was very pleased with where I landed on this guy. The color is kind of washed out in the pics, because I still suck at taking them. I did deviate from usual basing scheme to something a little more common, just in case I ever wanted to run the dataslate with another army...

I am working on a Wraithlord now, because I want to see the scheme on a larger model. I will get him up as soon as he is finished. In the mean time, one down, seventeen models to go.

What do you think?

Go follow David Wood's blog!

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