Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Steps

Last night I put a couple hours in painting for the next step in my "Fire Warrior Start to Finish" series I am running. I did not get nearly enough done to do another installment. I may have mentioned before but, I paint really friggin slow. It is actually rather annoying, especially when you know people who paint really friggin fast, and well.

I considered just working on one guy to offer another installment, instead of the four I am hashing on, but thought better of it. You see, I force myself myself to line paint. And myself, unappreciative of being forced to do anything, tries to trick me into not line painting.

Line painting is the term that we use around here, and I am sure it used in many other places, where you do the same color over multiple models before moving onto the next color. I stretch the term "line painting" to the full extent of its elasticity when applying it to myself. As my idea of line painting is five models at a time. Even five is a chore, as I prefer four, and the fifth model's colors are normally applied from an angry place where rage, not love, fuels my desire to cover its various surfaces in paint.

I will be the first to say that I am pussy when it comes to painting multiple models. I watched my buddy Terrainguy crack out eighty Night Goblins over a span of a few painting session. Terrainguy isn't the fastest painter either, but that guy has determination in spades. When he paints, the sessions are a minimum of four hours, with eight not being very uncommon.

Further more, I look at guys' blogs who use the dipping method, and they are doing whole armies at a time. I can only stand in slack jawed amazement at their powers, for they far exceed that of my own.

The good news is, I am not in any hurry. The tournament season has come to a close as far as what my friends and I normally participate in. There is an indy GT in January, but I will probably have to pass because it is like the same week as when my kid is supposed to be born. The only thing I must race against is my own flitting notions of army loyalty and my pension for distraction. Hopefully I can use a little will power to slow my aechnemesis (myself) down.

This blog has already proved of some assistance in the me vs. myself battle. I have been trying to keep it updated Monday through Friday and feel compelled to show WIP (Work In Progress) pictures. It has been helpful in counteracting the impending sense of futility that I get when I look up from my work area and see them staring back at me.
From Mars Project Blog

The shit part is that is only like 1,2oo of the 2,000 points I am trying to build. It is during these times that I think of the gnarled and marred knuckles of the sailor in this movie. The weathered tattoo reading "HOLD FAST" has become my mantra.

One last thing, I added a squad insignia to my test model on the larger of the shoulder pads, like the fire warriors in the codex. It actually did a lot to help the model "pop". You kinda see it in the picture at the beginning of the blog, and if you want to see a larger version you can find it here.

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