Monday, August 31, 2009

Couple More Acres

Got back from a great weekend in Seattle yesterday and had to do all the things which are associated with returning home and getting ready to head to work the next day. The trip was great. I got to see family and friends, watch a Sounders match at the Owl & Thistle, and go to a Mariners game.

I didn't have a lot of time to work last night so I decided to knock out a couple more Planetary Empire tiles. I am going to be running a campaign in Spokane over the late fall/early winter so, while not really pressing, there is some impetus to get these finished.

The spaceport tile was a lot of fun and I used both brown and green on both sides instead of one or the other. In all I am pretty happy with them. The product has been really nice so far and they are a quick and gratifying paint.
From Mars Project Blog

For the next month I have a night class every Monday and Thursday. It pretty much goes from right when I get off work until about an hour before I am supposed to crash. I am going to designate those nights for the Planetary Empire tiles. It normally takes me about an hour to get painting at a good clip. I would hate to hit that clip then have to stop, or paint so late that I am good for shit the next evening. I am hoping to wrap the fire warrior series up by Friday having Tuesday and Wednesday night to paint. As for tomorrow, expect some more of these fun tiles.

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