Monday, November 9, 2009

Excuses Are Like...

We all know how that saying ends. I have been in a bad way as far as painting goes lately. Nothing hyper-dramatic or anything. Last week we had our annual corporate show in Vegas so that took up some time...and money, and stamina.

I pretty much hate going to Vegas to work. It is like having a job at Disneyland. Everyone is out fuggin' off and having fun. And you have to maintain an air of professionalism. For those that have sat with drunk people until the wee hours of the morning while not being drunk yourself, you understand my pain. Turns out drunk people are pretty friggin' boring, unless you are one of them.

Dumber still is the fact that I have some how given myself, in the words of my doctor, "A whiplash-like injury." How you ask? Apparently from a leg-press weight machine. The trouble with all of this nonsense is that looking down for prolonged periods of time (Which is how I paint.) causes big headaches and makes me feel like I am gonna huck. I can stop this by taking the muscle relaxers prescribed to me, however they kinda make me all "loose" and I am not sure how conducive that is to painting any kind of detail.

What is frustrating is that I can only paint in spurts before I have to stand up or lay down in order to take the strain off my neck. It is re-god-damn-diculous! The doc says to give it ten days, but I hope it goes away a lot quicker.

Despite all this I have attempted to keep painting Banshees and I will throw the next two up as soon as I am done. My Tau call to me, but I do not want to leave that Banshee squad unfinished.

Lastly, I wanted to give huge internet props to Rodolfo, the Press Ganger for Spokane. I went into Hobbytown on the north side yesterday to play a Planetary Empires campaign game and there was at least ten guys there playing Warmachine and Hordes. It was pretty epic, and I can not wait for January to roll around where I get my new rules. Maybe those Rhulic forces will once again get some love? I think they are somewhere under that pile of dust on my bookshelf. Anyway, if you are interested in checking their scene out shoot an email to Rodolfo ( and get the low down. It looked like a good time.

I will persevere to show off two more banshees here in the next couple days!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Where's a tournament report!? I wanna hear about dead Space Wolves.

  2. That was just a bye. I didn't actually play in the tournament so much as play against who ever had a bye round.