Monday, December 7, 2009

Gettin' Back Up On The Haus.

See that right there? That is some banshees I was able to get a little more paint on yesterday! After a month of not being able to put my brush on anything it felt pretty friggin' good. My neck is still not 100%, hell it is hardly even 50% but I was able to paint for an hour long stint, then another 45 min one after a long break, before my shit started getting all sick and achy.

Those are not the current banshee models, as some of you may well know, but I was going for two things with the aspect warriors of my Ulthwe army. First off, I already owned smatterings of last edition shit, as illustrated above, and I wanted to use it. That coupled with the fact that aspect warriors are packaged really stupidly. I can't finish a squad of ten without either buying another box or direct ordering through GW. So the first thing I was going for was to do the squads on the cheap. I am using the crap I have in hopes that it will not stand out too much. I think theses sculpts will be pretty noticeable next to the others though, as the helm is like the size of another banshee.

The second thing we were going for was to make the squads look ragtag. I like that Ulthwe doesn't have a lot of aspect warriors. I tried to communicate that the ones they did have had been around for a long time. The saltiest of them had survived and new blood had been added when it could be spared. I hope to achieve this by having a few models from the various previous sculpts in all my squads. Fortunately I was able to work a swap with Magnus as he has some RT era Eldar stuff that he is gonna dig through and see what he can spare.

Speaking of Magnus, a bunch of us headed to Coeur d' Alene, Idaho for a 1,500 point tournament this weekend. It was a lot of fun. I didn't bring the Tau, figuring a little trial by fire was a good way to mess with my second army. My army was Eldrad and six warlocks in a wave serpent, eight scorpions with an exarch, two squads of guardian defenders, one squad of storm guardians, two vypers, and three warwalkers.

My first game was against a 1k sons army. It was Night Fight the whole fuggin' time, and reserves, so neither one of had much to do, or down until late game. That games over in less than an hour. The second mission was against bugs. The objectives fell randomly, and right into his lap. I eeeked out a tie with a little luck as a wave serpent that had moved all out and then some sat between two objectives in the last turn. Despite a tyrant, his guard, and a squad of genestealers, the serpent weathered the assault. The last list I played was an ork army that was like a every special character in the book. I think he spent too much on names, and not enough on boyz. He killed a lot, but I was able to pull it out in the end.

The army was a lot of fun and left a lot of room for error with Eldrad there picking up the slack. I won 2 games and tied one. All in all a pretty good day. Also a good day for Da Mommas Boyz as our guys took half the prizes with Travis winning painting and Magnus winning Best General.

Hope to have those banshees finished this week, time and neck willing.

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