Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Just dropping a line very quickly to refute the the fact that my last post did not contain any lesbian bondage. It is there, layered deeply in subtext and metaphor. I blog like a fucking Russian playwright. Dig deep, and you will see it, and so much more.

On an actual working note, I did some last night, but not in the Tau direction. I got my Warstore in order so I assembled some Circle Orboros stuff I had coming. Among them was the Pureblood Warpwolf, which I really dig. Most of the time, because of the huge amount of character PP models have, I build lists that would look rad to me in a movie, or a short story. This weekend I placed in a tourney and was able to pick up Kromac without spending any money, and risking the ire of the wife. From there a 25 point list that I was really excited about sprung forth. I can't wait to get my brush to some of these Circle models I have been accumulating.

As far as the Tau/Astro extravaganza goes I am trying to secure the use of an airbrush and some expertise for the vehicles. It will greatly speed things up. I have one big and one little squad of infantry left to block in the colors on, so nearing the finish of the first lap.

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  1. Oh Em Gee

    I can't believe I missed it last time. But sure enough there was lesbian bondage all over that last post. Well subsumed in the post not so much over it. Although that does present to new issues for me. A.) I now need to find a mop and some cleaning towels. and 2.) A good lawyer for the restraining order that has been placed against me by my employers.