Monday, April 12, 2010

Preparing For The Worst

Been a while since I have posted, and a couple people this weekend made sure that shit was flipped for it. The reason is not because I am not working on anything. I am, diligently, and often to perturbation. The lack of communication has been because I haven't finished anything.

See, unless it is a tutorial, I actually hate work in progress (WIP) pics. I guess I also don't mind them if someone is asking for help going forward. While clearly an unsuccessful tendency for someone making an effort to blog about their toy soldier exploits, it is how I feel. Under my new plan, pretty much my whole damn army is a WIP progress pic.

See, even now, with a little more than four months to go before Astro I have realized that I will probably not be able to do the entire 1,500 points up to the standard of my Pathfinders and Fire Warriors. Feel free to chastise my painting prowess and speed, that is what the comments section is for, and odds are you will just be parroting what I have already told myself.

Instead of this realization taking me off course, I have decided to go another way. Each week night, barring catastrophe, I have been sitting down at my painting table for an hour and blocking in color on all the minis in the army. Squad by squad I am laying down base color and dry-brushing their rock bases, then moving on to the next. This has become much easier since baseball season started, as I love baseball but it is not the kind of sport one needs to watch constantly.

Once all the color has been blocked in the models will be based with three colors, a.k.a table ready. Once the color blocking has concluded I will do the same thing with washes, and then with the remaining time detail squads until I have to play int he event. It should be noted that I am not resigned to the fact that my army will not be painted up to my standards, however I feel like a realistic approach is better way to go.

Anyway, once the color blocking is done I will throw a pic up in the name of progress. In the mean time I have been trying to drudge up a few games to used to the list. My usual opponent has kind of fallen off the planet (which is weird because he actually moved geographically closer to me now) so I am having to look elsewhere.

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  1. Hurray a post.

    Although little miffed that there was no mention of faux lesbian bondage!