Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Year's Goal

So it has been kind of quiet here at the ol' MPB, which is a good indication that the transverse is occurring in my life. It has been a bit of madness over the summer months. We decided to buy a house, a grueling nightmarish, process that took three months to complete, and has claimed every weekend I have had since the transaction concluded.

In addition to that, I did accomplish my goal of attending Astronomicon, Vancouver. I brought my Tau, and while they were not finished, they were completed to event standards. The tournament was amazing, I scored right in the middle, tying for last place in Sportsmanship, which was determined by my opponents. Apparently I was not fun to play against. Maybe there was a communication break down because I am not fluent in Canadian ? I didn't take any pictures of my "good enough" 1,500 point Tau army so you will just have to take my word for it that it was done.

So then, on to the next. Apparently I am, at my core, a 40k masochist. I go from fighting against one outdated codex to another, deciding I need to build a Black Templar force. There are a myriad of issues with the Templar, and I have heard about all of them. Despite that, and because it hurts so good, I have charged head long into my Templar force.

I have already assembled about 24 Initiates, 9 Neophytes, an Emperor's Champion, and the Black Reach captain. On the desk is a Razorback that has just gotten under way. I haven't snapped a lot of pics or anything because I haven't done any all too crazy conversions, and I am sure you all have seen plastic marines primed black.

This is the new goal. While I met the goal last year in that I competed, the "good enough" standard to which the army was done has kind of sapped some of the glory. So this year the plan is take a "finished to my standards" army. Fingers crossed, here we go.

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