Monday, December 27, 2010

Teaser, Kinda...

The last few weeks have seen me busy with the usual amount of travel and familial activities that one usually invests around the holiday time. There was a weekend where I drove 30 hours, which I feel is "above and beyond" however it is was for my wife, and the axiom of "Happy wife, happy life," seems to ring true.

However, yesterday I did get to paint for quite some time before I left to watch my Seahawks get their heads' kicked in. When I got home I decided I was going to get the victory Seattle failed to achieve and finish painting The Changeling. I failed. I didn't think I had. In fact, I put the last "touches" on him at 10 PM and went out to the shop for the first coat of sealer. The plan was to get up this morning and snap some pics.

Sadly, I loaded him into the portable studio and realized through the camera lens that I had completely forgot to paint a vambrace on one of his four arms. Friggin' bummer. Anyway, just like the Seahawks, I let me down. I will finish up the vambrace tonight, snap some pics, and post them tomorrow. Check me out then.

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