Thursday, December 2, 2010

Skin Done

So finally got the skin done these guys, sans tongues I guess. The magenta parts came out more pink on these guys than it did on my test model. I am not sure if I like it better or not. I will have to wait until I seen the models all completed to decide which I like better.
From Mars' Project Blog
From Mars' Project Blog

A quick note about glazing, do it! The models are pretty skin intensive and so I have been looking for ways to get a smoother blend. I messed with glazing a little while back, but it took too long, and I am impatient. I have been revisiting it for these models, though only one glaze after the color is done, and have been pretty happy with the result.

My glaze is 10:1:1 water, Liquitex(sp?) Glaze Medium (can get a big bottle from Michaels for like 8 bucks.), paint. I Have just been keeping it on the raised areas (musculature, knee caps, etc) of the model and out of the recesses. If some of it works it way into the cracks it isn't a huge deal. Just wipe everything off your brush with a paper towel and then wick it out of there with the recently wiped brush. Takes no time at all.

Hoping to have these guys done this weekend and spend next week on the Changeling. But...hope and reality so seldom coincide in my world.

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