Monday, February 7, 2011

Screamers of Tzeentch WIP

From Mars' Project Blog
I was able to get a little bit of work done on these guys this weekend, though not nearly as much as I would like. I lost a large chunk of yesterday to a really great game. Congratulations to all the Packers fans and Steelers haters out there. Not really having a dog in the fight I was just excited to see a good game.

My Month of Tzeentch thing is quickly shaping up to be a photo finish. I have not yet finished a model, and I have eleven to do. I tabled the five horrors I was working on to get these screamers done for this month's painting challenge at my game club. I will finish the horrors once the painting challenge is met.

I have seen screamers panned by a lot of daemon players, and they might be right. They are often a bust for me. However, for what I am going for, they serve my purposes perfectly. First off they have melta bombs, so they help me open up armor. Secondly, and far more importantly, they are big long swathes of color. The bright stripes on my display board will hopefully draw people in to see what my army is all about.

Because I am looking for these guys to be flashy I used fairly drastic line high lighting on them. I wanted sever contrast to have them "pop" from a distance, so I gave up some of the blending I would have loved to have done these models. With only the blue and purple done, the severity seems to be working. Proof, my wife, whose interest in my miniatures doesn't extend past her general approval of me doing something I like that is fairly benign, noticed them amidst a horde of other painting projects.
From Mars' Project Blog

I should be able to get the pinkish scales and bone-colored spines done fairly quickly. I may go for another color on the tusks to visually represent their warp jaws, maybe that blue-green color I have been using for the fire of my horrors?

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  1. Freaking stellar pics. I would compliment your highlights and colors but that would just inflate your ego.

  2. We'll have none of that. There is almost no room for it in the house as is, and I have to put three more people in here tonight for gaming!

    Thank you for the compliments. :)