Friday, April 22, 2011

Flamers of Tzeentch Complete

From Stuff I Have Painted: Chaos Daemons
Finished up the "off-color" flamer, who, for now serves as my Bolt of Tzeentch guy. More and more I am not convinced that running him with bolt is the best way. He ends up being 65 points, which seems like an awful lot considering he only gets to shoot one of his guns every turn. We are going to give it a few more games. Bolt of Tzeentch is one of those weird things for me where I would almost rather have it an not use it, then not pay the points for it. I have a heck of a time with a lot of AV as is. Maybe I will continue indulge myself this crutch?

The models were a lot of fun to paint and good for my attempts to "speed up". They are really fantastic once you start brushing on them, and there is the a lot of potential to make them look interesting. But in an attempt to actually finish this army before August I had to suffice for some limited blending and some drastic line-highlighting for contrast. Here are a few more pics:
From Stuff I Have Painted: Chaos Daemons
From Stuff I Have Painted: Chaos Daemons

In all I am pretty stoked about they way they turned out, I think that although a small unit, they should be eye catching. I am excited for a Tzeentch break, having finished all the of the Tzeentch contingent but a herald (Of which I am still waffling on whether or not he is even in the list.) for my current army. So my brush is now devoted to the Blood God, Khorne, for what I hope is only a month or so. We shall see.

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