Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alaitoc Warlock: Base Coat

I managed to get the base laid down on my warlock. This was no small task considering I had company all weekend AND got an X-Box with Kinnect yesterday. What I am, only like 10 years behind?

I just blockied in some color to get an idea what the model is going to look like, as well as sketch in some of the lines for the robes. I still plan to add an Alaitoc Craftworld rune and warlock rune to the robe. So far everything is going well. I found it interesting how many coats of blue i had to use to get over the white primer evenly.

Also had a chance to play against the new Necrons this weekend. I pretty much stole a victory, because I have no clue how my Eldar are going to deal with all that AV 13. My warlock squad with spears were all stars. They carried me to a close victory. In all it was a lot of fun, and I think the Necrons are very clever and tricky army.

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  1. Lookin good despite (or because of) the extra work. So you thinking no-go on the white primer from here on out?

  2. White primer has its uses, but with the model primarily being dark colors its probably easier with black. If you were doing a yellow armor, black is a nightmare.

    the base looks great, nice work with the weathering on the metal. why the one yellow glove and one leather? I would go with bone on that yellow one...

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  4. Welcome DuendE. It has been quiet around here for awhile but business is about to pick up again soon. Thanks for the kind words. I have put your blog into my blog roll.