Monday, January 16, 2012

Bad Moon Boyz

This holiday season an amazing person, whose generosity is pretty much boundless, ended up hooking me up with a bunch of Orks. It came at an interesting time, as I have decided that this year I will focus all my efforts into painting a 2,000 point army. Of course I would come to that decision when the edition I have been playing unpainted for fiver or so years is coming to a close. So, Orks it is. Why Bad Moons, well the wife picked the klan, and my daughter's favorite color is yellow, though she is just shy of two so I imagine that will change at some point.

In order to do Orks, I needed to be able to paint green skin. I just tried a scheme straight from a few GW tutorials.
Right now the shaded areas look really severe to me, so I will be curious to see if it is still as severe when the other colors are brought up. I decided to use a fleshy tone for the lips just to break up the green.
If you know me, or have followed my blog, you may be thinking, "Why is the world's slowest painter painting Orks!?"

My retort to the doubter is, "You're right. It is a crap idea. Wish me luck."

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  1. Wow!, really great job on the fleshy bits, they look fantastic. New to the site,looks great added it to my Blog Roll.

  2. I for one think it to be an excellent plan, all ahead full!

    Now, what to do about some battle wagons...

  3. @Warhammer In Progress. Big thanks and bigger welcome!

    @Tallarn. You mean what to do about some battle wagons meaning you are gonna get some right? I will take five please, each more powerful than the next.