Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reinforcements Arrive: Tactical Marine Combat Squad

Put the finishing touches on these five guys this morning and have already started work on the five remaining models in the squad. These guys are members of 5th Company, 2nd Tactical, better known (Only to me...) as Thrones of Fortitude.

I have enjoyed working on my Dark Angels as I learn this edition. It can be said that it is a continued labor of love and patience. Not only because I paint slow and must fight the urge to jump from project to project as usual. But also because I have been getting my head kicked in with them. I think in nine games of 6th Edition I am like 2-7. And maybe only two of those losses were close. Most of the games have just been me getting pummeled. I am sure that all of that speaks more to me as a player than the codex. Also I don't really talk tactics here anyway. I am super eager for a new codex for my beloved Dark Angels. Perhaps some new tricks will be exactly what I need to discover my inner tooth-chipper.

I did pretty much the same thing with these guys that I had for the Assault on Black Reach set. I had been advised that my bases were kind of plain and one dimensional. In order to fix that I added some tufts of grass, in addition to the normal static grass mix I use, to add something different visually. I think I will go a step further and add some large chunks of debris to the next batch.

A canny-eyed reader might notice that these are the tactical marines from the Battle for Mac Cragge set. I promise my army will consist of models other than those in the boxed sets. It probably just won't seem like it for awhile, as I am super eager to tackle the rumored models coming out in the 6th Edition starter box. That box has me incredibly excited, as it will contain new Dark Angels models if the rumors are true. Something not seen for like five years. At least I can use quite a bit of the marine stuff that has been coming out in that time as it looks great.

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