Thursday, August 29, 2013

Illic Nightspear

So, I kinda had no choice but to have this guy. He is a special character for Alaitoc, and the uber ranger at that. I fell in love with Alaitoc back in the days of the Ranger Disruption Table. And not because of the rules, though they sure didn't suck, but because I loved the idea of the scout/sniper, and an army of them was like christmas.

This model was pretty straight forward to paint. I painted him up in the color scheme of my other rangers so he fit in. Although I tried to make his coat a little more elaborate. I am still pretty rusty in a lot of areas, but this guys was a lot of fun as return. I will be fielding him a lot, rules be damned! Not that I think he sucks or anything, I am just saying, he will be present. That being said, I will likely not upgrade my rangers to pathfinders very often. If Illic joins normal rangers they get Stealth and Shrouding, so I will take the cheaper points values and better cover save over everyone making precise shots.

Here is a quick shot of Illic with his rangers.

Would you run pathfinders vs. rangers? What do you think of my base vs the sculpted base he is normally on?

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  1. the base looks better than the normal one, but he must get tired hauling that hunk of metal all over the place!

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  3. Pfft, sniper rifles are heavy weps. Like he moves after deployment.

    Thanks for the props Tallarn.

  4. I ran pathfinders last night and was not impressed I would stick with Rangers. Great Paint job and I like the base

  5. Thanks for the kind words Sage4506. The base was a lot of fun. I didn't want to use the sculpted piece because I imagine my force being more of a off world, behind enemy lines, kind of force. Not so much fighting on a craft world, and that piece is very specifically eldar.

    Bummer on the pathfinders. The story-lover in me is having a hard time reconciling with the pathfinders not being hands down better then the rangers. Do you think pathfinders w/o Illic hold up better than rangers?

  6. Well I tried a really fluffy alaitoc list


    4 5 Man Pathfinders
    1 Guardian with wave serpent and warlock

    Hemlock Wraithfighter

    2 Warwalkers

    This got whipped twice last night hard... by eldar and then marines so I decided to conform and field more wave serpents and bring it down to 2 units of rangers (not pathfinders)