Tuesday, September 3, 2013


This extended weekend I had the extreme pleasure of playing two incredibly cool players, leading beautifully painted armies. Sadly, I only thought to snap pics of one, because I fail. While both Brian, and Magnus play different armies, it was cool because the spirit of their armies was very similar.

Brian ran a wagon and truk'ed up KoS list. It was fantastic, and nostalgic in its appearance and feel. Just bright red vehicles and yellow flames everywhere. He got first turn, motored all the vehicles forward. I had a one turn to open up his well, everything. I didn't, his boys got out, Waaarrghhh, and I slowly got caught up in the green tide. Brilliant!

Against Magnus (Those stunning space wolves in the pics are his, better pics at his blog.) I gave him first turn. And down came the pods and Greyhunters! I once again found myself in a situation where I had one round of shooting, and if I didn't get what needed to get dead dead, then I was in for a world of hurt. The elves got it done this time, although we never did get the Landraiders dead. Another awesome game, creating a feel on the table that closely mirrored what I have read about in the 40k universe.

Two totally enjoyable games with very different outcomes. Thanks so much to both Magnus and Brain! I will take pics of Brian's orks next time, as they are really quite cool.

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