Monday, September 9, 2013

Spirit Seeress

Had a lot of fun with this one.
Really simple conversion. Just the Everqueen with a staff and head swap. I really liked the idea of her being a Spirit Seer instead of a Farseer because of her bare feet. I like the image of her walking amidst the war torn terrain and feeling, physically and psychically,everything.
I think she may have to replace Nightspear as my second HQ choice, as Illic has proved to be no where near worth the 140 points he costs. His model will always be present, just as an especially dynamic Ranger. Maybe if there is FAQ ruling on his Infiltrate ability, so it is no longer debatable as to whether or not he can bring a squad with him, that he may be worth that hefty price tag. In the mean time the Seeress will make a nice edition to my mind bullet throwing seers. He is a Hogwart's class photo.

How does your local area treat Illic's infiltration ability? What do you think of Spirit Seers?

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  1. Illic did not pass muster for me either...

  2. Ya? BUmmer. I am just not sure what he is supposed to do that makes him 140? Perhaps someone smarter than myself can chime in, because I am at a loss.

  3. I've run into the taking a squad with him... RAW says non infiltrating units can't join infiltrating before the game. So I don't think a FAQ will come out, just a literal interpretation.

    That being said, I want Karandras to bring in Incubi... Just saying.

  4. I have seen people say Infilitrate or no, if he is with a squad he can't do it. That he can only do his special infiltrate if he is alone.