Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Warp Spiders WIP

Merry Christmas all. I finally finished three more Warp Spiders in the same scheme as my test model. So I am at 2/3 painted. My goal is to have the squad done by 2014! All I have left is one normal trooper and the exarch. Truth be told, I am not wild about this particular sculpt. It isn't terrible, but it is blocky and static, two things I do not think of when I think of Warp Spiders. Even still, I think they turned out pretty well. I am very thankful to Brian Haler for hooking me up with these guys.
I was able to land a side gig consulting this holiday season which freed up a little extra cash. I have that Eldar holiday bundle sitting down at my LGS so, after the Warp Spiders are complete, this blog will be overrun with the dead for a little bit.

Here's to hoping I post here on time this year!

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