Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Reinforcements Arrive: Warp Spiders

Well, as you can guess if you follow my blog, I fell short of finishing these guys by the end of 2013. My sauce is weak and my shame is vast. Even still, I did finally get this unit completed with the addition of the last two, one trooper and and the exarch.
I spent a little extra time on the exarch. I wanted something in his coloring to mark him as different. I liked the way the studio often glazed or washed the eldar power weapons with purple, so I kind of ran with it. I did a little purple build on the blades, as well as tried to put a subtle glow effect into his eyes. Kind of like the same power that powers his blades radiates from his helmet as well. Lastly, I used some of the purple on his Warppack. I wanted to keep the markings the squad had, as they represent the shrine, but still make it look more intricate. After reading the Gav Thorpe books I liked the idea of the armor being ancient, and calling to the wearer, so I used more gold to make it seem more elaborate.

In all I am happy with how the squad turned out, although not wild about the time it took. The latter is on me. I need to be a little more diligent and disciplined. I paint slowly, and don't have the means for an airbrush to speed up base coating at the moment, so the only real fix is going to be more time spent with brush in hand.

As to what is next, I am really eager to take on some of my new wraith acquisitions, but I need to finish up a few more aspect warriors, including five Dark Reapers that were given to me last weekend, thanks Brian Haler!.

What do you think of the squad? Is the exarch up to snuff? Does the color scheme communicate what I was going for?

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