Monday, March 8, 2010


I will be in Las Vegas all week for work. While some may find this a delight, I am not one of them. Vegas pisses me off 'cause it has games with dice. Obviously I am prone to such games, as is so often covered in this blog. Furthermore, the Vegas games with dice cost money. And not the kind of money that results in jammed shelves full of crap that you may or may not use before your wife needs room and you have to Ebay it for 20% of retail. No, no, these games you give them money, they give you chips, and then they take those too.

Because I am prone to this vice, I don't gamble when I am there. Furthermore, I have taken a bit of the hiatus from drinking 'cause it is awesome, and I like its awesome. I like it so much I don't want to get to the point where I "need" its awesome. The countless dollars wasted on pewter and plastic men tipped me off long ago to my addictive tendencies within my personality. Therefore I feel an annual compulsion, sometimes bi-annual, to assert my own will over myself. Oddly enough it is always around Lent. Even though I am not Catholic, apparently the need for self-imposed suffering is an airborne contaminant. So basically I am going to Vegas to not gamble, not drink, and work...I am pretty sure that was on of the punishments in Hades for like Sisyphus or some shit.

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  1. I have received confirmation that you are no longer in Vegas. There are also rumors you are working on models. It would be sweet if you had access to a sort of weblog, a "blog" so to speak, where you could post proof of said miniature activity.