Friday, March 5, 2010

A Long Time Comin'

Almost four years ago, during the first Privateer Press Invitational Weekend, they held a Hardcore Tournament. In the third round I was up against none other than Matt Wilson himself. He gave some cool compliments on my dwarves, we were both pretty tossed at that point, and then he preceded to kick my ass soundly with Seige.

Nonetheless, during the course of the battle, I drunkenly cajoled and harangued Matt about how Rhulic forces need a mechanic solo. He said something to the effect of, "Oh yeah, maybe..." And Rob Stoddard, who was playing at the table next to us said, "It will never happen. I am pretty sure that is in the notebook." He elaborated that the notebook was a collection of ideas that were deemed unfit for the Warmachine.

A year later Thor Steinhammer was released. Now, I know a few folks who worked for PP who have all assured me that Thor had been "on the books" long before I said anything. However, at the time, it felt pretty cool. It felt like PP was a company that was willing listen to a drunk fat guy from Idaho who had a good idea. Even though the reality of Thor not coming from that game with Matt harshed on my buzz later on, Thor has always had a special place in my heart. The one that I finally painted was handed to me at the second invite, by Matt Wilson while giving me a shit eating grin.
From Stuff I Have Painted
From Stuff I Have Painted
From Stuff I Have Painted

I tried to make him look like he was wearing coveralls, but it kinda failed. In all, I am stoked with him, and stoked to have him painted finally since he has appeared in damn near every Rhulic list I have made.

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  1. Wow, fantastic! That is a fine piece of work, Tony.