Monday, March 1, 2010

Goal Met, Tourney Played In

Yesterday saw my dwarves marching out, albeit slowly, for their first Mk. 2 tournament. I was going on a 0-6 run and expected to just get it handed to me all day. The format was Mangled Metal/Tooth& Claw at 35 points. It was a lot of friggin' 'jacks and warbeasts. Let me just say, real quick, that a lot of people enjoyed and commented on the novelty of the format. To me, this format is annoying. I run 'jack heavy lists all the time so it is not novel. Instead is makes an already focus starved Rhulic mercenary battle group worse. Despite the annoyance the event was enjoyable.

I ended up taking 3rd over all, going 2-1. I beat Epic Irusk and Goreshade in the second turn by using my feat to lower defense and move the casters to where the rest of the battle group could kill them. The games were so short that I asked my opponents if they wanted to play another game to pass time in the round. By the time the last round rolled around it was gonna be my fifth game, it was against the coven, and I was matched up with a guy who was 1-1 so I knew I wasn't at the "winners table". A victory by me and a draw by them, and other various planetary alignments, would have resulted in a win over all blah blah blah, but I digress.

Eric, the guy who was playing the Coven, is a great player, and high focus casters are the bane of the way I play Gorten, so pretty much it was his battle to lose, which he didn't. That being said, I boxed his entire battle group but the Stalker who killed me. And death by Stalker is pretty cool in my book. It was a great game, and I realize I need to read more on how the Coven is activated and damaged. My one attempt at assassination was completely botched. It's cool, though, it was weak sauce anyway.

The tournament itself was all Assassination. It ran smooth, though I was unclear on how one aspect worked. It was like the VP equivalent, and if you killed the caster you got their battlegroup. But then there was some talk of like 'jack points and counting or not counting. I didn't really get it, so I just asked my opponents what size their list was and wrote that down as my VP's.

Oh yeah, and I was fully painted:
From Stuff I Have Painted
From Stuff I Have Painted
From Stuff I Have Painted

The Basher was a lot of fun to paint. The only thing I did differently than the driller was used yellow to bring up the darker brown instead of white. I like it a lot better. It makes the highlight warmer and fits in better with the khaki.

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