Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My cold came back with a vengeance yesterday, leaving me feeling pretty shitty by the time I got home from work yesterday. I didn't feel a lot like painting, but I really didn't feel a lot like doing anything. Topping it all off was the fact that my mother-in-law was headed over for dinner so, although I just wanted to crawl into bed, I sucked it up and sat at my painting table.

I am not sure if it was the anti-histamine or what, but I was having an 'eff of a time focusing. I tried to get my fire warriors done, but it seemed after every color I was "done with that". Fortunately I had Thor Steinhammer sitting there, so whenever I got pissed at my fire warriors I just grabbed him and started blocking in color.

There is a guy around the Post Falls/Couer d' Alene area named Bennett Hobson that used you paint down at the game store I spent a lot of time in a few years back. Guy is an amazing painter, and crazy fast at it. I always remember that he would be working on like five things at once. I could never figure out how he got anything done, though he always did, as there was no perceivable rhyme or reason to what he was doing.

But in cold medicine induced haze, I may have tapped into something of his. As I worked last night I found places to pick up Thor and work on something while other things with the fire warriors were happening. Like after blocking in the Knarloc Green for their armor, I didn't feel like shifting gears to washing, so I did some blocking on Thor as well. Then while the washes on Thor's base were drying, I started laying down the gold on the fire warriors. I sort of bounced back and forth between the two models and found my self not getting over exasperated at either project.

I fought off the drowsiness from the cold medicine for as long as I could, as I knew my brush was moving at a pretty good clip. A bit later I was falling asleep at the wheel, and looking at what I had done for the evening I was surprised:
From Mars Project Blog

Got all the color blocked in on these guys as well as two of them got washed for shading.

From Mars Project Blog

Thor got all his color blocked in and his base finished.

I am not sure that I would subscribe to this random method just yet. However going forward I may always make sure there is something else that needs some kind of paint at the table. It was nice to just pick up something else entirely when the fire warriors were getting too repetitive.

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  1. I understand this way of doing things, I currently have a demon prince, herald and 9 bloodletters, and a broadside that I am modelling as well as 6 firewarriors that I am painting.

    I like having something that I can spend 5-10 minutes on and actually get stuff done (firewarriors, and several modelling projects so that I am always able to use leftover greenstuff.

    It also helpts when my mood changes and I feel like doing something different.