Friday, November 19, 2010

Dark Eldar, It Has Been Awhile

Got to throw down with my friend Mike last night with him playing the new Dark Eldar codex. The games was awesome, with me losing 2 objectives to 1, despite a lot of the clunkiness that comes with playing against a new army. That clunkiness was further compounded by the fact that he didn't know what a lot of his stuff did either. If nothing else the game reiterated what I love to preach, but seldom practice in a fun game, "If you have a question look it up!"

Along those same lines, I got my buddy Chris (An amazing Warmachine player.) to come to the 40k fold as well. It is a win-win for me because I have more opportunities to play him. I loaned him my rulebook so he could read the rules, so I didn't have it during this game. This game, which was pretty cut and dry, still had me wanting to look something up at least four times. It is always good to have your rulebook.

I have not played against the new Dark Eldar enough to have a good analyses of them, though one game was enough to give me a healthy respect. This is an army, that in the hands of an experienced player, will terrorize people. The real bummer here is that there aren't models for the vast array of stuff you can bring. It makes playing them kind of hard when the 'dex is new because it is new units being represented by proxy models. The potential for confusion is great.

I look forward to playing against them again, but fear what they will become with experience and a more robust model range.

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