Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Still Working...

With the all the shading done on these horrors I have started bringing up the highlights for their skin, though I haven't gotten too far. This weekend was kind of busy with gutter cleaning, snow shoveling, and a house guest, but I did get to crack away a little as evidenced by the photo below:
From Mars' Project Blog

I took a bit of brush-break on Saturday to start putting together the next squad. Well "next" after I finish the four horrors shown above, then the other five horrors, so I guess the next squad that isn't horrors:
From Mars' Project Blog

So there are all kinds of really bad ass precast resin bases out there, but they cost money (I know right!?). So instead I have basically been grabbing anything and everything from my bits box to litter my daemon bases; in a feeble attempt to recreate the coolness of the precast resin bases. The theme I am going for is like a war-torn planetscape where the daemons are perpetually battling the inhabitants. Sort like an ever present entropic force. In doing so I have been using everything from various thicknesses of cork, precut tiles, pieces I think I got around the time planet strike came out, and just about anything else I feel like. I am hoping that this mismatch of clutter will help communicate that "worn and laid waste to" feeling that I imagine for the army.
From Mars' Project Blog

And I do get a chance to express my feelings towards losing to Dark Eldar last Thursday:
From Mars' Project Blog

Hopefully it will all translate. If not, I can always drop the, "Hey its chaos line."

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