Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snails's Pace

I have been slowly, like glacier slowly, chipping away at this min squad of horrors. I have all the shading on the skin finished. I'm not sure why I have been taking so long to finish these, outside of the fact that I just haven't been painting a lot lately. That fact alone is confounding. While I am at work I think how much I need to get home and paint, then I get home and do everything but paint. Or just paint for a few hours.

There is hope. Even as I type this the first snowy flakes of winter flurry about out my office window. I tend to get quite a bit done in the winter months since there is 'eff all better to do.

Anyway w/o further ado or belly-aching, some WIP pics of my horrors:
From Mars' Project Blog
From Mars' Project Blog

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