Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bad Moon Boyz Continued

Keeping on keeping on with the boyz.

I upped the presence of metallics a little from my original base color. I am striving for more menace than comedy with my Ork horde. Between the severe shading and metallics it might give me a leg up in this attempt. I relied heavily on some washes in order to accomplish this in a "quick" fashion. I feel like it is just enough to add interest, but will not be overwhelming within a horde in effort or appearance. The washes were as follows:

"Silver" metallic areas- Based in Boltgun Metal, washed with 1:1:1 Chaos Black/ Badab Black/ Water, washed the recess with Scorched Brown, washed recesses again with Vermin Brown, and finally highlighted with Chainmail.

Bronze metallic areas- Based in Tin Bitz, raised areas painted with Dwarf Bronze, recesses washed with 1:1 Dark Angels Green/ Hawk Turquoise, and finally highlighted with Chainmail.

That is where we are at for the moment. Eager to get back to them, though I have a feeling I will be spending a few hours behind a snow-blower this week.

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  1. I find your technique for the addition of the weathered patina to be adequate and enjoyable.

    A most welcome addition, continue.