Friday, January 20, 2012

Bad Moon Boyz Yellow

Getting pretty close to finishing this lot. Just the black areas left. I am not sure I am sold on the yellow, weird I know. I really like the color, but I may try working the tone something brighter and warmer. The real hurdle was whether or not I could pull off a quick weathering technique I envisioned and be happy with?

A canny viewer will notice that the sword choppa looks wonkey, weathering wise. That was where I started, and I realized I was doing the technique backwards. Pro, I know. After I got my mind right I was able to accomplish what I was trying in a short amount of time. Hoping it will get better with practice, but it suffices for now.

So will I go back and fix that sword-choppa? Almost certainly not. It will be one boy in a mob of at least twenty. Got to keep moving forward. Backward be damned!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Thanks DTV. I appreciate the kudos. And welcome to the MPB!

  2. Nice Orks I found through FTW Blogger Group. :)

  3. Thank you HaWior, and welcome! I have found a lot of good stuff via the FTW blog roll. I am glad to be in it.