Monday, January 30, 2012

More Bad Moons WIP

From Mars' Project Blog
Last week was busy in my non-hobby world, meaning slow within my hobby world. Even still, I was able to make some progress on the small batch of boyz I have been working on. Painting seven models at a time is seeming rather daunting, which doesn't bode well for my intended push of 20 models at a time for the next mob. I will move up gradually one more time before taking the bull by the horns.

One nice thing about building models is that I can be far more mobile in doing it than when I paint. I was able to cobble together the Nob squad I wanted to run, largely in part to a generous donation of kombi-shootas from Brian Haler. They were assembled almost entirely during the viewing of Burn Notice with my wife, via Netlfix's streaming service.
From Mars' Project Blog

I liked the idea of my Nobs being shooty rather than chopp because there is a very heavy shooting element to my ork army. Furthermore it seems to fit in alright with the Bad Moons theme. I had a great deal of fun putting together my Pain Boy, Dr. J. G. Matthews, OMD. Although not a very orkish name, it?, he? does take his/its namesake from a very generous and incredibly inspiring person who has made this ork project possible. Dr. Matthews, so enamored of the way Space Marine apothecaries are able to heal the Angels of Death, he has decided to emulate them, in order to better patch up his boyz.
From Mars' Project Blog

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  1. Dude are you stalking me? Been watching Burn Notice with the wife as well.

    Hear ya on the grind of doing assembly line painting. Hopefully having a completed unit will help you get through doing 20 at a time. For me, a sweet looking completed unit is one of the few motivators to paint more.

    Digging Dr Mathews and his squad of nobs.

  2. Woah, I have been watching Burn Notice since the first season, im totally giving it up now that you band wagoners are jumping in!

    I hate assembly line too - I been staring at those 60 marines for 4 months lol

  3. Mars, glad you were able to make good use of kombi bits. Anything for a fellow ork player
    Speaking of which, I have another orky present coming your way soon!

    I'm not sure how I ever made it through the huge mobs of shoota boyz in my ork army. I think I assembly-lined them about 10 at a time for the basecoats, and then went back and did the highlights 5 or so at a time. It IS a bit mind-numbing, but a finished ork army with loads of boys is almost always an eye-catcher.

    good luck!