Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bringing It Back

So if you have been following this blog, which shouldn't be too hard considering how little it is updated, you may notice something a little different about those fire warriors. Both my buddies Deke and Magnus had the same suggestion that I needed something other than the off-white to serve as a spot color for this army. Consequently, they both offered up orange as that spot color, and I took their advice. They were right, the orange goes a long way for grabbing the eye, especially against that green, and should I ever be in a position to do so, I will lavish gifts upon them of exotic oils, spices, gold, and nubile maidens.

But wait! There is more! I am not sure if I have mentioned that my Tau are winning out over my Eldar as the army I am going to paint for Astronomi-con in Vancouver this year. This decision came about because, well I had seven Tau models painted and only five Eldar models painted. The Tau army is also less models, so the selection process was very scientific. Seven is more than five! And therefore, closer to completion. Well last night I took another step closer to completion, finishing four pathfinders.
From Mars Project Blog

These guys were done like the fire warriors and pathfinder before them. Only I went back to GW Foundation Paint Knarloc Green instead of P3 Ordic Olive as the base for the armor. The Ordic Olive was a bit darker and made the line highlights a little more "tron", which some people like, but I am not a fan of. Side by side and up close it is obvious as seen in the pic below (Ordic Olive is the guy on the right), but from about three feet they the models all look green anyway.
From Mars Project Blog

The other major difference is more of a failure on my part. I was trying to come up with a "quick wet blend" on the cloth to make it look a little more natural. Sadly, within the scope of my own painting skills, there is no "quick" for wet blending. It looks spotty in areas, as seen below:
From Mars Project Blog

Eventually I just went back to line highlighting, so the pants look kinda funky up close.
From Mars Project Blog

In all, the pants problem is a little nit-picky and falls into the category of "the stupid shit painters beat themselves up over that only other painters who beat themselves up will notice". I have to do an 'ui, though he isn't actually an 'ui in the list, and a couple of rail rifles, and then the squad will be done. I am hoping to get those last three models cracked out this week, so that I can spend the weekend working on a Rhulic Basher 'Jack I ordered. That is of supremely optimistic as my new daughter will be getting baptized this weekend.

I have been able to get about three games of Warmachine Mk. 2 in with my dwarves and I enjoy it a lot. Like everyone else who isn't Cygnar, I can't wait for my book (Mercs). There is a tournament in the Spokane area at the end of Feb. in which I want to use the Basher, so I will take a quick little detour from my Astro list long enough to get the 'jack done.

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