Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Squad Done

I got the last three pathfinders of my eight man squad done last night. Stoked to have a squad done, but the squad isn't technically done since their devilfish is still nekkid. I am thankful for the Astronomi-con for, under the current rule set, there is no fuggin' way I would paint a full squad of pathfinders otherwise. Going for perfect comp not so much because I think I have a good chance of winning, but because I think I will enjoy the challenge of constructing and playing a list under their parameters. Or it could chug dick, in which case I still have a painted 1,500 pt army, which puts me closer to the 2k that is required to participate in many of the local area events.
From Stuff I Have Painted
From Stuff I Have Painted
From Stuff I Have Painted

The 'ui was fun, the rail rifles, not so much. A lot of that could be because in my list they are there to eat points and have accomplished dick in the two games I have played with the list. But mainly, it was those stupid knobs that run the top and bottom of the length of the rifle. They proved to be such a pain that I finally had a "fuck it" moment and just did what I could without getting angry. I am pretty stoked about the finished look. I love the idea of a "heavy" weapon in a squad, and it is a lot of the appeal of Space Marine Tac squads to me. Who doesn't want Jesse The Body with a mini-gun in their squad, seriously?
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My orange spot color is working out well, I have had some nice feedback on it. However I am not executing it to the point I would like. I am going to try for less yellow of a high light in the next group, mixing in more white to the orange instead of following an unmixed progression. Even at its current execution level it is doing a damn sight more than the bone color did, and will be even more crucial on the vehicles and suits, which will not have a lot (If any in the case of vehicles.) of the blue-gray used on the fatigues. My buddy Magnus is getting some killer use out of orange over at his blog, linked here, so I will pick his brain a little as well. In the mean time, we got some fire warriors on the table now, needing to be primed and rocked. I was going to start on the Basher form PP but I am still feeling a little buzz from finishing these guys, and winning a game over the weekend, so I am gonna ride that high while it keeps me productive.

Oh yeah, also thanks to my sister-in-law, Anna, for making a cool shirt-thing for my kid.
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