Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feel the Hate

Magnus always jokes that one of the secrets to his painting speed and ability to finish armies is that, "You have to let the hate of the model fuel your brush." While I am almost certain Magnus doesn't hate all of his minis, there may be something to this. I don't hate the Driller, in fact I love it. Although I had already been playing Warmachine, Gorten's battle box release was the first Privateer Press product that shifted my mind from models I played, to models I had to play.
However, last night, as I was putting the finishing touches on this 'jack, completed in an unprecedented 10ish hours (Sad I know), I felt the hate. I was so eager to be done with the model, and so close, and so pissed that he wasn't done yet, that I just kept going. I was a man possessed. I couldn't have stopped had I wanted to. I blacked out, and when I came to there was just this model and so much paint.
There is a terrible down side to feeling the hate though. Towards the end, when you are filled with the anger, your quality drops off a little. The last color I did was the darker brown. I noticed my blends more slap dash, and my highlights getting harder. I should have called it there and done a lot of the weathering today. The weathering is kinda sloppy, and makes the over all paint-job look a little shabbier than I intended.
Here he is from the back:
From Stuff I Have Painted

And side:
From Stuff I Have Painted

The last pic is kind of fun. The Driller on the right I painted probably six months after the Gorten box-set was released. It is cool to see them side by side and notice the different direction of painting style over more than five years.
From Stuff I Have Painted

The gray one, coined "Killmouth" by a friend, is still my favorite. Nostalgia and all that.

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