Friday, February 26, 2010

Tourney Prep 2

My fire warriors have officially filed a grievance against me. They are basing it on neglect. In many ways they are right to feel angry, what with me lavishing my brushes' affections on other models right in front them. That being said, my dalliance has almost come to climax and, while fun for a weekend, I am unwilling to leave my spouse that is 40k for another at this time.
As I eluded to earlier, in the case of Gorten and the Driller, the dwarf line for Privateer Press continually makes models that I must paint/play. The Basher is no exception. It has been very rewarding to watch it come to life as it gets paint. It makes me sad that more companies are not more inventive with their dwarves. Especially GW, as then maybe I would be interested in play WHFB. As they stand now, really short people shooting a lot is ok, if the following criteria are met: A chic, wearing fish-nets, in the movie Total Recall.
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Anyway, the Basher is all based and washed/shaded now. I have been fighting some nastiness that has laid waste to my office so I have only been able to paint for brief amounts of time between bouts of the cough medicine "kicking in". I should be in a good spot to have this guy finished by tomorrow. He is the last 'jack that needs to be painted in the battle group for Sunday's tourney. I should be fully painted and not have to worry about the self deprecation associated with not being so. I will snap pics of the whole gang as soon as they are ready to go.

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