Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tourney Prep

So these fire warriors are what I was supposed to be working on last night. I had this whole thing worked out in my brain where I would paint 40k through all of February and March. Then use April and early May to put some paint on my Rhulic stuff before I headed to Seattle to play in the Privateer Press invite weekend. I have had my dwarves since they came out, and I enjoy the army, even if I can't win with them in Mk. 2. 0-6 so far, hear me roar!

Well what ended up happening was this:
From Stuff I Have Painted

I know, I know, that is not a fire warrior. It is my second driller. Lemme explain. I am in no way the most disciplined painter, duh. But for some reason I freakin' hate going to Warmachine/Hordes tourneys with unpainted models. This not to say that I haven't, been I have made big pushes not too if it is ascertainable. In this instance, the tourney this weekend is a format that is all warcaster and warjacks or warlock and warbeasts, so we are talking ten friggin' models at the most, maybe more for Legion or Cryx? Even still, when I look at Warmachine armies that are unpainted I can't help but have the internal dialogue of, "Really? You couldn't be bothered to paint like 15 minis for a tournament?" If I am the brunt of my own mental chastisement it normally ends in myself calling me a "douche bag". Then myself is mad at me, and I need another hour with the therapist, and that shit is expensive.

Consequently, my buddy Deke, who is more disciplined than me, but a self-proclaimed "slacker" as well, feels the same way about bringing all painted armies to Hordes/Warmachine tournies. He will often bring something less than ideal in his Trollbllod list because it is painted. How weird that both of us would feel this strongly when the company that produces the models releases tournament formats that don't give a shit if the models are painted? Perhaps we are contrarians by nature?

Anyway, this guy was/is fun and a good thing to get back in the Warmachine saddle with. I way over-washed the khaki and spent probably an hour after this pic was snapped putting damn near another base coat of Hammerfall Khakki back on. Fortunately I was having trouble falling asleep last night. I should be able to finish the Driller up Wednesday night, leaving me Thursday and Friday night, as well as a large part of Saturday to finish my Basher. The tourney is on Sunday, I think...

As to my lists, they will be pretty straight forward, everything I got.
List 1: Gorten, Driller x2, Basher, Rockram, Gunner x3, Blaster x2. 35 pts.
List 2: Durgan, Driller x2, Basher, Rockram, Gunner x3, Blaster. 33 pts.

With these lists I am pretty sure my record will bump to 0-9 or 0-10, but at least my shit will be painted.

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