Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alaitoc Camo Update

From Mars' Project Blog
I had mentioned in my earlier post that I felt like the camo was too subtle. My friend Deke agreed, so I revisited it for the remainder of the Storm Guardian squad. I think what I have found is what I am going to keep. I still wanted the camo pattern to be more subtle than a lot of the ones I have seen, but I needed it to be obvious that it was there as well. Obvious camo, ha!
From Mars' Project Blog
The blues are a little brighter, to make the contrast more evident. I think this also makes the model more interesting to look at. So far it is working for me, and I am pretty eager to see it with the spot colors on the miniature. I also got some advice on another way to do the yellow, so I am hoping I have as much success with that as I did the camo. Thanks for reading, T

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