Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SSSWMB Compromised!

From Mars' Project Blog
We have been having a lot of fun with our Planetary Empires campaign, and if you follow Tallarn over at Still Practicing (Which you should!) you would see that he has been doing quite well. The crux of his success, he has hypothesized, is tied directly to the establishment of his Super Secret Space Wolf Moon Base. As of this weekend, SSSWNB has now been compromised. Jeremy's Imperial Fists have taken over the SSSWMB spaceport, but just barely (Needed a "5" and rolled a "6"). The photo leading into the article was shot on my phone in order to accomplish a timely razzing.

I didn't get a lot of painting done this weekend, which I could have called from a mile away, as I just posted something about painting. We had company and autumnal festivities to attend. Was able to get a couple of quick games (And how...) with said company. And in one day I lost not one, but two games, in the first turn. It was something else. There were a lot of contributing factors like scenario, and Seize the Initiative, etc but both Codex Space Marine lists ate my lunch. It was a real-deal butt whuppin', and an excellent reminder that the Space Marine Codex can still be pretty legit.


  1. Codex Space Marines is legit...when facing Codex Dark Angels :)

    Wait scratch that. The Fists beat up on Tallarn's puppies? Nice! Way to go boys in yellow.

  2. It was my Eldar Winterman. Not sure if people think that is better or worse...

    I think the codex has teeth even against current ones though. I will share one of the lists out as soon as/ if I get permission.

  3. One of the lists that whupped me is is the 2k one pasted here:

    I would be remiss in not pointing out that Sunburst Falcon is an excellent player. A lethal combination with such a list.

  4. Ahh, I assumed it was against one of the campaigners. That would be a tough game for anyone, old codex, seize or no. Bummer I couldn't have watched or gotten a game in, have never had the pleasure of playing Mr Sunburst.

  5. I felt quite dirty a few times on that now legendary first turn. I my dice just would not fail me. I started off with some "long shot" shots, not only were they near the max range of the weapon, but they also had a relatively low chance of doing anything destructive. I think the nail in the coffin was the shot on the twin penetrating shots on the falcon. I rolled two 5's. Tony reminded me I needed to roll a second dice for each as it was roll two take the lowest. So I picked up two more (color coded) dice and rolled two 6's. Its kind of how the whole turn went. A near perfect shooting phase, by the end there wasn't really anything to shoot at left, I was forced to shoot frag at recently disembarked troops.

  6. Shenanigans I say, shenanigans!

    Actually I deserved to get beat on that one, as I will explain tomorrow on my blog. A valuable lesson was learned that day, a lesson that shall not go unlearned! Yellow pasty marines be warned; ye shall unass my spaceport shortly!

    Avast! And pass the Bandito ye land lubbers!