Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alaitoc Storm Guardians Half Done

From Mars' Project Blog
Truthfully just under half, as I run a warlock with them. But I won't let that rain on my parade. You may also notice I reverting back to this template. I liked the way the dynamic template looked, but I didn't like not have the option to have my banners or a blog roll present. With five of these bad boys under the belt the scheme is coming together...kinda.
From Mars' Project Blog
I really like the way the bone is working out for these guys. It is a very successful spot color against the blue. It is rich enough to add some real interest. I purposely have not shaded as deep as deeply as I normally do to make the pieces really light. The yellow is still vexing. I am still struggling to get it smooth. I want a more buttery look, but a more yellow color.
From Mars' Project Blog
For this next batch, I will be more heavy handed with the camouflage and try to smooth out the yellow a little. We will see how it goes... Thanks for reading, T

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