Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flights of Fancy

Last night I took the highway to the danger zone. No I didn't watch Top Gun, but I probably should have had. Instead I decided to deviate from what I should be doing (Tau) in order to paint something that I just wanted to paint. While the practice of painting what one wants to paint is probably healthy to most enthusiasts, it is the pretty much detrimental to me. I only ever want to paint one of every model, and I end up with a metric shit ton of "one-off's" and not a single squad, let alone army, done. So, like the junky who has been clean and gave it all up because they thought that one time wouldn't set them back on their path; I appear at the methadone clinic of internet. Guilty, but not ashamed of what I have done the night before.

From Stuff I Have Painted
From Stuff I Have Painted
From Stuff I Have Painted

Oh my god, she was so worth it. This model was a friggin' delight to paint. I whiled away four and a half hours on her and didn't realize the time had gone by. There was cool areas for line-highlighting and other flatter areas for blending. She was like some kind of model painter's aptitude test where you could express all your techniques.

I did her up to look Ulthwesque. I have always liked Ulthwe, probably because I dislike Chaos so much. I remember back in the older editions Ulthwe had the cool guardians because they didn't have a lot of aspect warriors so I tried to make the armor look like an antique bone in an attempt to communicate that this banshee has been around for awhile, or at least the armor has. I also started out with the second edition black and yellow to denote Ulthwe, but the red of the newer edition looked better on the model.

My big trouble is that I don't know what colors to do her base. I have a feeling that if I do my normal colors, which are a lot of off-whites, the base will eat her. I want something that will let her pop off the base, but also, in the random event that I ever finished a guardian, would look good with a predominantly black model as well. If you have a second help a brother out. This black base is killing me.

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