Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Little Belsbethian Back Story

I started working on the background of the planet Belsbeth, as it pertains to 40k. While I have a whole grip of stuff for D&D, the 40k fluff is pretty new to me. Anyway this is what I got:

Belsbeth, located deep within the Second Jing sector, first came into Imperial notice two centuries prior, when the Jing II sector was known as the Jing Nebula. At the time, the highly radiated sulfuric gases hid planets rich in mineral resources. The gases caused interference with navigation computers and psyker-guidance system alike, making the nebula difficult to navigate. That didn’t stop the bravest and most industries traders and looters of many races from navigating the nebula blind and setting up mining operations until the hostile environment either destroyed equipment, or the operation was stumbled upon by someone or something else.

Other than the occasional bravado filled miners, the nebula’s only other notice came from the Xenobiologist community specializing in the study of warp whales. The Jing nebula was a known stopping area of one of the largest migrations of these behemoths as they made their way through space. Countless academic freighters would be loaded to the brim with eager researchers hopping to catch a glimpse of the warp whale pods as they lazily made their way through the nebulous regions of Jing.

A little more than a century ago, a star classified as Stella III, located at the edge of the nebula , collapsed on itself creating a black hole. The spacial anomaly at the edge of the Jing nebula was short lived, however it did manage to consume the gasses within the nebula, clearing them out. This of course left mineral rich planets now easily accessible, causing the equivalent of an ancient Terran gold rush in the newly named Second Jing, or Jing II, sector. However, the Imperium was not the only the only race to take notice of this event in the universe, and the sector was baptized in blood as brutal conflicts erupted for ownership of the sector.

Fifty years ago the Imperium officially classified Jing II as a sector defended and in compliance. Construction took place rapidly as the various planets within the sector came under Imperial rule. Many of the governments were founded overnight, with planetary governances being awarded to families with a history of strong military service or sympathetic to the Imperial army, having house guard armies with numbers exceeding ten thousand soldiers.

For the most part the sector has remained quiet, save Belsbeth. The planet located at the far edge of the sector. Despite countless efforts, any planetary government established is soon over thrown. Ruins that Xenoarchaeologists date back more than ten thousand years are strewn about the temperate planet surface and a strong illegal trade in recovered xenoartifacts thrives. Belsbeth’s most desirable quality is the massive stores of an ore known as Pieridium, which can be refined into a hyper efficient fuel source for space craft.

Belsbeth truly is the jewel of the sector, and now the Imperium of man must fight to maintain it from invading forces, all the while an ancient evil lurks deep within, awaking from its centuries of slumber.

As I have reiterated countless times, I am super stoked for this and can't wait to get it under way. I am kinda giddy about even building the map this weekend. This whole Planetary Empires thing has me geeked out in a big way. Also, if you are really into the the behind the scenes stuff my buddy Deke cut a little swath of his own intertron space to host our forums for the campaign and they can be found here.

In other news, I finnally effin' beat Travis! We tried our hand at City Fight last night and it didn't go too well for him and his marines. All things considered, it was his first game of it ever, and he was very mindful of his mistakes during the course of the game. I, on the other hand, was in such shock that a victory was obtained at all by my Tau. I am not really sure what I did right or what he did wrong because I stood in a dumb founded stupor as his shit was actually being removed from the table every turn. It was like the first time I saw Terminator-that shot where you see Linda Hamilton's boobs-I didn't know what was happening, or what it all meant, but I knew I liked a lot.

More importantly, I finally killed that effin' Vulkan model, and as Vulkan to boot. Oh happy day! I will savor the flavor because I am sure it won't be happening again for a while.

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