Monday, October 5, 2009

2/3 Done

Didn't get as much time as I would have liked to work this weekend but I was still able to get another seven tiles done for the fast approaching Belsbeth Campaign. I returned to the normal scheme, as the majority of Belsbeth's surface is temperate. I also broke the tile painting up over a couple of days so it was nice to just work without having to worry about drying times.
From Stuff I Have Painted
From Stuff I Have Painted

These tiles have more water than the ones I had done previously. I really like the way the blue breaks up the expanse when all the tiles are together. I guess if Belsbeth has a lake section of the continent, these tiles make it up. I have seven more tiles to do in these temperate colors, and my last eight will be the blasted landscape that surrounds the infamous hive city Bloodholm. The blasted landscape tiles should go pretty quickly since it is just gray dry-brushing and some ruins. I don't think I will have any water in the area and the tiles will be devoid of vegetation. I might do the mountains as some kind of crystal or something, we will see.

I was getting a little burned out on the tiles so I decided to insert a Shas'ui for the fire warriors I am painting (Though it has been like a month...) to finish out the squad. Lately I have been running my fire warrior squads small and devoid of upgrades, but a visible leader still makes the squad more interesting to look at. I guess, regardless of build, if he isn't a Shas'ui for awhile he is just a differently dressed fire warrior. Seems like the squad is never out of its transport in tact anyway. They are either embarked or mostly dead.
From Stuff I Have Painted

This week is pretty busy, which means it will be kinda slow here at the 'ol MPB. I will make sure to get a post up when the Shas'ui is finished as well as an ork battle report against a pretty sharp looking army owned by a guy in my game club.

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