Friday, October 9, 2009

Small Victories

Hey alright! My first Tau squad is done. It only took like three months. At this rate I will have a painted army about the time Seventh Edition is launched.

All facetiousness aside, I took a little break last night from finishing the Belsbeth tiles to get this Shas'ui done, though he isn't serving as such at the moment. I was having some issues keeping the highest green high light thin enough, so a lot of the line high lighting is more pronounced then I would like. After I have given him a coat of Purity Seal I will see if I need to give him a couple of thin ink washes to tame that last high light a little.

I pretty much followed the whole Sept marking thing out of my codex. I made the shoulder plate, bonding knife hilt, and antenna the off-white which is my Sept color. The white on this guy is a little more "bone-colored" than I would like, so I will probably use a different base going forward.

From Stuff I Have Painted

I also had some fun with the device he is holding, using more of my fast glow effect to make him more unique in the squad. I am happy with him as a first draft, but the other 'ui's going forward will get a few tweaks.

From Stuff I Have Painted

Next up, more tiles. Since we are underway in like nine days. After that though, more Tau. I really want to work on my Stealthsuits (The model was a big draw towards selecting this army.) but I will probably get four Pathfinders done first, since I use two squads of four in a lot of my lists. Right now, as bare metal, it is a little difficult to tell who is with what squad, especially if they are in the same piece of terrain.

The low temperature today is predicted at 19 degrees. Winter is on its way, which is good news for my army. These cold months are best spent chained to a warm painting table.

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  1. I like your paint scheme a lot. Very Original. Also that planetary empires stuff is cool too, especially the D-9 one. New to Tau? I bet not so much as I saw on ATT. Cheers!

  2. I am actually new to Tau in that I have not played them before until this blog started. I have played against them many times, especially in the last edition, and have been a lurker at ATT for a long time. I am also a big fan your blog. Thanks for the kudos :)