Thursday, September 10, 2009

Keep On Keepin' On

Finishing the fire warrior tutorial means it is back to the grind. There are a couple of 40k things I have committed to over the next few weeks and they seem to be barreling in on me.

My decision to not commit to any tournaments whose point values are equal to or less than the points value being used our escalation campaign has kind of come back to bite me. Had I done the math I would have realized that even with that caveat I was obligating myself to play sooner than I thought. Now I need to assemble 250 points in the next couple of days. Not a gargantuan task by any stretch, but as always time is a premium.

I am really looking forward to kicking off the Planetary Empires campaign we are getting going. The rules are awesome, the product has been awesome, and my players are all guys I know pretty well, which is also-yep you guessed it- awesome. We are having our first campaign meeting a week from Sunday, at a sports bar. I have a lot of tiles yet to finish, and I haven't even started on the buildings. The tiles paint up quickly, the buildings I am sure will go even quicker, I just need time.

Last night I set out to finish the fire warrior squad that I started for my painting series from yesterday. I am running in squads of eight, more for points to bring the stuff I want than for any kind of tactical leetness. I had the realization that my fire warriors and my map tiles share a lot of the same colors so I figured I may as well make up for the two guys I am not painting by getting some tiles done at the same time.

It is a nice way to paint actually, the one in which you are allowed to deviate a little. I know a guy in the area named Bennet Hobson (Prolly effed the spelling of his last name up so on the rare occasion that he actually reads this, first off sorry, secondly, send me a chastising email in which you correctly spell your name so that I can fix it.) who always was painting like eight miniatures at a time, often from different games. He would do a little here, then a little there, but he was always working. I am channeling him to a less talented extent, when I work on the tiles. I am always going to keep a couple going, until they are done. That way I can be doing something else while I am waiting for washes to dry or whatever. Also there is something very appealing to me currently about working on "something else". The curse of my flitiness. I will satiate the curse and my need to finish by tackling some pathfinders once this fire warrior squad is done, going X, fire warriors, X, fire warriors until they are done. We are not going to talk about the large squad of Kroot that stare at me in all their unpainted ire.

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