Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Too Much Hot Air

The picture to the left was supposed to communicate one man's utter disdain at having to hold a damn hair dryer for so long. Instead it ended up looking like a weird myspace photo. Cest la vie, actor I ain't. I have a new found respect for practitioners of the Cosmetic arts.

The wasted and sand blasted expanse of the Belsbethian desert is mapped! At least for the sake of this campaign. When I add the next set of tiles I will do a few more for the desert, but the fourteen of twenty-eight I set out to do for this campaign are done. Here they be:
From Stuff I Have Painted
From Stuff I Have Painted

I didn't want all my water in the desert to be that chemical waste so for these tiles I used P3 Bastion Gray for the water, then went around the edges of with P3 Hammerfall Khaki. The brownish gray was really effective in making the water kind of look like a muddy, silty pool or river. Also these mountains are darker than the previous tiles because I used P3 Umbral Umber as a base, followed by P3 Bloodstone and then dry-brushed with P3 Sulfuric Yellow.

You may be asking, "What the shit is up with the P3 (Privateer Press Paints) all of the sudden?" The more canny eyed viewers may even be wondering if I used a filter or color or correction for this round of pics as the colors seem "off".

Yeah...funny story that. I am headed to Seattle in about an hour for the next couple days. Yesterday my wife said she needed to go to Home Depot and I had been in need of a toolbox to consolidate all my painting stuff down into. I figured, since I wouldn't have time over the next couple of days, I would just bring my paints with me to work, which is 45 mins away from my house. That way, I could get the toolbox, use a little "break" time to put my paints in it, and be ready to rock when I get back from my trip.

As I sat down to finish these seven tiles last night I realized that while the new tool box had made it home, the paints hadn't. I got so busy at work yesterday that I never moved them over. Moreover, in my mad dash to get home, I forgot to grab them entirely.

I would not be deterred. If you have looked through my Stuff I Have Painted Picassa gallery you have probably noticed a lot of WARMACHINE and Hordes models. I enjoy the Privateer games a great deal and can't wait for the next addition. A little while back I was a Press Ganger for them, and ran events almost monthly. They compensate their volunteers with points allotments that can be used on their products. I had points for days, so when their line of paints came out I figured, "What the hell, let's try it." I bought the whoe line with my points and continue to be glad I did. Especially last night. I ran to my hobby/wife's sewing room and broke out the P3's. I did my best to approximate colors, and for the most part we were ok.

The real bitch is, the P3 Trollblood Base that I painted the borders of the tiles with is noticably different than the VGC Steel Blue up close, not so much form a distance, and I like the Trollblood Base better. This means I will either redo the borders of the fifteen I had done prior and use the Trollblood Base base going forward, or (What is more likely.) I will just say, "Eff it." It pretty much looks like the same color from a distance anyway so I will just do the twenty-one I have left to do in the Trollblood Base and have a few that are off color up close.

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