Monday, September 14, 2009

"Work" Weekend

All right, first off let's just get this out of the way right up front. This happened. I strode into the bar filled with purple and gold shirts knowing the environment would be hostile. Nonetheless, armored in my alumnist pride, I felt like the standard bearer in a Space Marine command squad. Sadly, as the game progressed it felt more and more like maybe I was the standard bearer in a guard command squad that had just been charged by Khorne Berserkers.

Second, it was NFL kick off weekend. If you are into it, you get it, if you aren't, you won't and no explanation on my part would help. It's cool, I never really got into Star Trek but a lot of my friends love it. In a deft maneuver designed to net me large amounts of "married cred" I agreed to a morning canoeing trip set up by the city parks and rec. My wife knows how much I enjoy football so she knew that what I was doing was "big". Only on the surface though. The Seahawks weren't playing until 1 PM and I was pretty sure that even if we got back a little late I could still catch the second half.

And despite all this football and leisure sporting, I managed to get some work done on my hobby as well.

My first priority was to get up to the next point value for the escalation league I am playing in. I also wanted to be able to play a game tomorrow without any proxies. It wasn't too hard to do, I just had to build a couple suits.
From Mars Project Blog

The shield drone actually belongs to the broadside, not sure how he got next to the suicide suit for the class photo. I have heard of, and know, a lot of Tau players who swear by crisis suits. Sadly, I just find myself swearing at them. I run very light and very cheap, using two elite choices for single suits that have a Targeting Array and Twin-linked Ion Blasters. These guys drop in and try and kill a tank. After that whatever they do is gravy. Works well for me, may not work so well for other folks.

After building up to 1,500 points I focused what little time I had remaining on getting more of my Planetary Empire tiles knocked out. First meeting is in two weeks and I will know exactly how many I need to do, but getting a head start is the idea. I ended up finishing four (Pics that follow are either side.) and now am going to move on to a couple of the buildings before doing anymore hexes.
From Mars Project Blog
From Mars Project Blog
From Mars Project Blog
From Mars Project Blog

This week is shaping up to be a good one. Should be able to bring a battle report on Wednesday. It will be similar to my other one in that I will be thoroughly out classed and shamed by my opponent's stunningly painted army. Looking to finish that fire warrior squad for a local forum painting challenge, some buildings for Planetary Empires, and top it all off with a tournament on Saturday. Hopefully have some cool stuff to show here over the next week or so.

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  1. Sounds like you need a DVR. I finally got one through comcast and it is nice to know I'll never miss a game or tv show. Being able to skip comercials is also sweet.

    The tiles are looking good. Looking forward to seeing those suits in your scheme.

    Also give that joker hell today and I guess I will be seeing ya on Saturday.