Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh Noes!

My grade for the week. I wanted to have the fire warrior project wrapped up today but this class is kickin' my teeth in. When I get home I enter a convalescent state of wall staring until my wife shuttles me off to bed.

The upside is that I should have ample time to finally put this thing to bed over the long weekend (Labor Day). In other good news for the weekend, I am excited about my game for the escalation campaign tonight. Having already played my 1250 army once I feel like I am in a good spot. I haven't faced off against Chaos Space Marines with my Tau yet so I am eager for the new challenge.

My list at 1250 is the same one as in the battle report. It moves around shooting, hoping not to get held down any where. The fire warriors hang out in their fish if they can, until something is lit up like a Christmas tree, then they go for the kill. I will probably be a touch more reluctant to get them out if demons are incoming. It seems like getting demons into assault isn't too hard with the icons and things.

The other big highlight is that I get to play someone I never have before. That is not to discredit my games with my nearest friends at all, just sometimes you got to change it up a little- maybe switch to the left hand, and a new opponent is a great opportunity for change.

The scenario is pretty cool. I am not sure if Magnus devised it himself, or if he borrowed it from somewhere. I suspect the answer lies somewhere in the middle. I can't see a reason why I would want to defend since I am designed to move, and don't really care about the terrain. Also having the bombardments coming in could be really nice. As for the extra points for the victory, on that I am kind of blah. I have a strange sense of fairness so I will probably never use them throughout the course of the campaign unless my opponent also won this round when they played it. I am just weird like that.

Lastly, yesterday GW released the IG FAQ and all I can say is, "Thank Christ!" I was so tired of hearing about the nonsense involved in interpretation of IG rules. Whether folks like it or not, at least they cleared a lot of stuff up.

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