Friday, August 19, 2011

Made the Honor Roll

I am stoked! I am a pretty avid follower of SCWH and so I was really excited to see that my little corner of the interwebz got some love from them. (Edit-I didn't get how it worked, so I thought I didn't make it, but in the comments I was set straight! -T). Thanks for the nod SCWH! And keep up the amazing work, whatever the future shape of it may be.

In a blog related side note, I was able to sport my Massive Voodoo t-shirt yesterday. It is officially the most expensive t-shirt I have ever purchased, since you pay almost as much as the shirt to have it shipped to the states. But I am something of a fan of this amazing blog, so it was easily reconciled. In an odd twist, I wore it all day, and didn't paint a single bit..."It's like ray-hey-aaaainnnnn..."

Thanks for reading,


  1. You made the Honor Roll, no honorable mention, we pick 10 total, Rob does 8 and Mike and I each do 1, you were my pick this week.

    This may be the last of the Honor Roll, or we may restructure it and keep it running.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. Oh man! Even cooler. I stand corrected. I should probably order my mom a bumper sticker or something...

    Thanks again for the nod. It will be a bummer to see it go if it does. Glad I could get in on one before it maybe goes away.

    Either way, SCWH is quality. Keep up the good work.